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Here you can find all the necessary information to solve your questions, doubts, etc., about who we are, our products and the payment and shipping methods.

Contact Information

ServerPagBCN S.L.

NIF: B65935058

Portal de l'Àngel 36
08002 Barcelona

Phone.: (+34) 93 602 69 60

About us

Merca-Art is part of ServeBCN, digital creation services and computing business, which after 12 years of activity, guarantees Merca-art with its social residence, its fiscal sctructure and its organizing capacity.

Product selection

We have got a very special selection of posters, prints, artworks and sometimes, artistic works.
The main difference between postcards and posters is that generally postcards are printed in a heavier best quality paper than posters.

Some postcards of the same size are more expensive than others because of different factors:

- Signed by the artist
- Limited edition
- Serigraphy

¿How to find a product?

You have at your disposal different ways to find the product that exactly fits your needs:

With our sofisticated search engine, you will be able to find the products you want depending on the word you introduce, which can be the artist name, the title, or some keyword from the specifications of the product.

If you prefer to browse, we have got a main menu sorted by the type of product. Inside each product type, if there are any we find its respective categories.

We only have the web on-line catalogue, so we can't send any kind of brochure to any customer by current mail.


All prices of our products have the I.V.A. tax included. As a general rule we apply the 16% tax for the European Union territory, where this tax applies. Sales in other countries will not be applied with I.V.A. tax, nevertheless the customs services in each country will apply the corresponding taxes.

Due to their special fiscal system, the geographic areas of Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla are considered extracommunitary territories. Therefore, all purchases madee by citizens of these territories are excluded to pay the I.V.A. tax (duane fees and importation duties are not included either in the product price nor shipping cost, and will have to be payed in the destination by the merchandise receiver).


Prints, posters and artworks are sent perfectly protected inside a rigid carton cylinder with two lateral lids, without any kind of fold and covered with a plastic film which isolates them from any wet environment that could affect the product during the shipping.

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